Shankhabhishekam is a holy bath done to Lord Shiva with conches. Conch or Shankha is considered to be so sacred in the Vedic fadition. In the Shankhabhishem, water will be filled in conches and the water will be energized by performing a puja to the water-filled conches.

The Srimad Amshumadagama Says

offering of shankha teertha as abhishekam bestows wealth, longevity, warding off death, healing of diseases, destruction of enemies, dharma artha kama moksha, sons, grandsons! removal of all sins. Hence meticulously perform abhishekam with shankha teertha.

Shankhabhishekam to Lord Shiva clears even the deep-rooted Karma that is haunting for many births. Shankhabhishekam washes off your karma and paves way for the new

future to happen in your life.

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