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Nithya Dhyan, The 5-step meditation technique.

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What can I expect when I show up?

Other than friendly, helpful trainers, vegetarian food, and a serene ambiance, expect to learn this simple and powerful technique. You will be led to the Meditation room for the session. If you wish, you can sit in the high energy shrine area. Many meditators simply sit there and soak in the deep silence the space creates.

What happens during these steps?

At a very basic level, the first step brings lightness. The breathing settles our thoughts down. The second step helps to regain focus. The third step awakens energy centers in our body (called chakras). Typically by the fourth step, we are in a deep restful place, and able to witness our thoughts (known as being unclutched). And finally, the last step brings out our sense of gratitude towards life.

What should I bring?

A willingness to learn and explore something new. We recommend loose fitted clothing. Sitting on the chairs is perfectly alright. You can sit on the floor if you choose, and can bring your own cushion or mat. We offer yoga mats for your use.

Who came up with this technique?

Enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda formulated this technique. The steps are taken from various ancient traditions which have conducted research in inner science. Paramahamsa Nithyananda coined them in a format suitable for today’s lifestyle, and to give an instant experience.

We offer intense meditation workshops designed to promote blissful living

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