KAILASA Toronto hosted it’s first MahaMrityunjaya Homa, for the longevity and well-being of all humanity. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, an active part of the Maha-Mrityunjaya Homa, helps you tune into the healing force of the universe.

On this day, nearly 100 devotees and disciples from not only Toronto, but from across Canada, gathered in KAILASA Toronto to experience the MahaMrityunjaya Homa. The auspicious homa was conducted by Sri Chandrasekara Gurukkal, the Chief Priest and Founder of Canada’s Sri Siva Satyanarayana Swami Temple in Mississauga, Ontario.

Following the Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, all devotees, disciples, participants, and guests were invited to enjoy free sattvic, vegetarian food as part of KAILASA Toronto’s Annadhan services. In the Ancient, Hindu Health Science of Ayurveda, it is known that sattvic foods are light, easy to digest, bring clarity and perception, and helps to refine the energy flow in our body. Sattvic foods also are a strong driving force in promoting the longevity of every individual from the level of nutrition.

The MahaMrityunjaya Mantra is the mantra that helps you tune into the healing force of the universe, which is present inside each one of us, lifting us out of times of trouble, and reminding us to come back to our original space of Paramashivatva. In the Netra Tantra, Bhagavan Paramashiva gives the context of what exactly is Mrityunjaya:

tadvīryaṃ paramaṃ dhāma yatpara-amṛtarūpi ca ।
yattattat paramānandaṃ yadetat paramaṃ padam ॥1-33 ॥
tadetan-niṣkalaṃ jñānaṃ viśuddhaṃ netramuttamam ।
mṛtyujittena cākhyātaṃ sarveṣāṃ mokṣadāyakam ॥1-34॥॥

This Viryam, life-filled energy is the supreme abode and that is
the highest essence and form of immortality, the Nectar, amrta.
This Viryam is the Ultimate Bliss, and This is the Ultimate space
and goal.
That (viryam) is the complete knowledge, pure and the greatest
core of the Netra, the Divine Eye. This is called the Mrityunjaya,
the conqueror of death and is the giver of liberation, mokṣa to ALL

In Guru Gita, Bhagavan Paramashiva also reveals to Devi ParaShakthi, the significance of worship to the Guru.

दुर्लभं त्रिषु लोकेषु तच्छृणुष्व वदाम्यहम्। गुरुं विना ब्रह्म नान्यत् सत्यं सत्यं वरानने॥५॥
Guru Gita verse 5
“This knowledge is difficult to obtain in the three worlds. Listen to it. I will reveal it to you. Brahman is nothing other than the Guru. O beautiful one, this is the truth. This is the truth.”

यज्ञो व्रतं तपो दानं जपस्तीर्थं तथैव च। गुरुतत्त्वमविज्ञाय मूढास्ते चरन्तो जनाः॥८॥
Guru Gita verse 8
They are fools who engage in sacrificial rites, vows, penance, japa, charity, and pilgrimages without knowing the Guru principle.

गूढविद्या जगन्माया देहे चाज्ञानसम्भवा। उदयः स्वप्रकाशेन गुरुशब्देन कथ्यते॥१०॥
Guru Gita verse 10
“Māyā – the creator of the world, the veiled knowledge born of ignorance, resides in the body. He by whose light true knowledge arises is known by the word ‘Guru.’”

KAILASA Toronto thanks all devotees, disciples, guests, and participants of today’s MahaMrityunjaya Homa. We invite you to come take part in our future events and programs.