Kalabhairava Puja

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Who is Kalabhairava?


Maha Kalabhairava is the Lord of Time and Space. Kala means black or time. Bhairava means the terrifying one. Kala Bhairava is the ferocious manifestation of Lord Shiva


Kala bhairava is the deity of esoteric powers. Kala Bhairava is the form of Shiva, who gives completion and manifests our reality.


Is Worshipped

  • He removes Karmas, Patterns and Black Magic effects
  • The bestower of fame, of all the worldly pleasures and the supreme bliss
  • He blesses to heal and protect, you, family and home
  • He blesses to be in oneness with him and raise yourself to bring integrity and authenticity to go beyond procrastination
  • He strengthens the nervous system, heals nervous disorders, removes anxiety and over compulsiveness
  • He blesses with tremendous ferociousness



Kalabhairava helps us to have complete completion with all our incompletions—incomplete thought currents, thought patterns—in our life.

Kalabhairava blesses us to have intense oneness with Paramashiva and manifest the state, space, power and being of paramashiva. He helps to radiate the space of paramashiva and removes the fear of death.

Kalabhairava liberates us from the cycle of birth and death. He removes all negative affects in our life and protects us from all sufferings.


Kalabhairava Puja

Kalabhairava removes all negative affects in our life and protects us from all sufferings.

Receieve Blessings for as low as CAD $1


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With the grace of Maha Kalabhairava I have attended multiple Pujas and also have gotten the opportunity to do Abhishekam. At first I had a lot of resistance to come. Undeniably I could feel the positive energy that was being radiated. After the first time I notice what I prayed for like more time at work or time off. Money or any health. Whatever I prayed for I could see all my impossibilities moving away and I was just manifesting whatever I needed. All my worries melted away. Such a strength and empowerment I felt. My deepest gratitude and love to Maha Kalabhairava and His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashiva for this eternal experiences.

Janarajh Krish


My experience with Maha Kalabhairava Puja was absolutely amazing the atmosphere was so alive I could physically feel the intense energy in the air, and I looked at Maha Kalabhairava, and everything in the room vanished, into an empty dark dimension, where only Me and He existed. I had the most amazing beautiful physical Darshan of Maha Kalabhairava and he reassured me that everything is ok and that He is there protecting me, Loving me, and gave me advice on what I need to do, to make what I want happen.
Thank You Maha Kalabhairava I Love You Nithyanandam.

Sri Nithya Akshayagunananda

Kalabhairava is a powerful god we have in Toronto. We do puja every month during the devarai asthami. We do puja in a grandscale and we put vadai mala and lemon mala. In my personal experience the first time doing Kala Bhaiarava puja, I had arequest about my daughter. In the same night Mahakali with the big trishula went in my daughter’s dream. Kali had talked to my daughter in the dream abou her incompletions with her mother in law. Next morning my daughter came to my home and told me about the dream. I answered her and yes Swamiji will come to you in the form Kali with the Trishul. So, this is my own personal experience by doing Kala Bhairva puja.

Ma Indra