KAILASA Toronto Celebrated 10th year anniversary on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima July 24, 2021. Nithyananda Meditation Academy home to  largest collection of energized Hindu deities in Canada. We conduct authentic pujas, homas, healing & classes in Yoga, Meditation, Kriyas. Located at 1960 Ellesmere Rd Scarborough ON M1H 2V9.

Devotees guided by the mission and vision of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

KAILASA is created by a group of dispossessed people who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries. They found freedom to practice Hinduism, and subsequently because of that, achieve enormous success in other countries. Though the KAILASA movement is founded in the United States, and spearheaded by members of the Hindu Adi Shaivite minority community, it is created for, and offers a safe haven to all the world’s practicing, aspiring or persecuted Hindus, irrespective of race, gender, sect, caste, or creed, where they can peacefully live and express their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference and violence. These people created KAILASA with the determination to not just preserve and protect this science and share it with the entire world, but also to share the story of persecution that is yet unknown to the world. The vision of KAILASA is the enlightenment living of all humanity, a lofty goal that can be achieved only if we function as a sovereign nation that is not under any one country, but works with all of them. Based on its principles KAILASA supports causes such as gender equality, fight against global warming, universal access to holistic education and healthcare, vegetarianism etc.


KAILASA Toronto Offers Free Annadhan (hot food service), Free daily Yoga and Meditation, 17+ Virtual Classes, Temple Rituals and welcomes everyone to join us in continuing to grow across Canada. 


Kailasa Canada is celebrating its 10th year Anniversary in Toronto.  Greeting message from The Premier of Ontario.


Be Blissful!