Power Manifestation Science Initiation

FREE 2 – Day Mandala Process Initation into Vishesha Deeksha.

Importace of attending the process

– It directly opens your personal connection with Paramashiva.
– Get initiated in all power manifestation science.
-You have personal, intimate connection with Paramashiva with Atmalinga.
– Have unimaginable benefits like health, spiritual benefits.

FREE Every
Weekends  3:00-11:30 PM.

Now get ready for the 2-day Deeksha into Power Manifestation (Introduction to Hinduism), during which you will be receiving an Atmalinga, as well as several powerful initiations, including Visesha Deeksha, after which you will be eligible to perform Shiva Puja directly to the Atmalinga. 

The Atmalinga, described in Shiva Agamas, is something so precious and so sacred, that each soul is allowed to receive it from Guru only ONCE per lifetime.

What is Atma Linga?

Cosmos is ultimately formless but to give a form of the universe, it is the Linga. Atmalinga is pure spatika (crystal-like material) programmed to radiate the cosmic DNA, the supreme consciousness. Atmalinga represents the energy of Paramashiva, Parashakti and Guru, all in one form.

Benefits of Atma Linga

Experience oneness with the Cosmos by connecting through Atmalinga, your own personalized version of Shiva and Guru all in one. The Atmalinga can cause miracles in your lives: you can heal yourself and heal others with the Atmalinga. The Atmalinga protects you and raises you to experience higher conscious levels and ultimately blesses you with experience of Paramashivoham.

Program Schedule

  • Initiation into Paramashivoham – Shiva Deeksha Level 1 (Samaya Deeksha) – is the first level of Shiva’s initiations, which as per the scriptures is one of the many initiations which Guru is supposed to give. The Initiation is to plant the seed that starts to transform your individual identity into Paramashiva.
  • Initiation to experience Bhava Samadhi – Shiva Deeksha Level 2 (Vishesha Deeksha) – Samadhi happens when Cosmos reveals itself to you. Get initiated to a powerful ritual to connect with the Avatar as your Guru and Paramashiva and experience Samadhi everyday in your life, after which you will be eligible to perform Shiva Puja.
  • Initiation into Superpowers – Power of Remote Vision, Power of Reading – blindfolder through Third Eye 
  • Mandala Process – powerful initiation and Kundalini awakening using the Sri Chakra Yantra, the blueprint of the Cosmos. Sitting in this special formation while receiving initiation powerfully awakens your Kundalini and aligns you for breakthroughs in both the superconscious, as well as “mundane” such as health, wealth, relationships, etc.