Akashic Readings

IMG_5763Akashic Readings – Google the Cosmic Archives!

Akashic Records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened, are happening and will happen in the cosmos.  But the key to decode them correctly is in the hands of a very few enlightened beings.

They are stored in the hiranyagarbha (Cosmic womb) or karya brahman in a coded form.  Now, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is opening up this infinite cosmic library for the benefit of Humanity.  Swamiji has ordained the Balasanths of the Nithyananda Gurukul to be able to access these records and answer any questions we may want answered.  This process is known as Akashic Readings.

  • Get answers to any question about the past, present or future
  • Be healed of physical and emotional problems with just a look or word
  • Understand the reasons behind your life’s happenings
  • Dissolve karmic blockages from the past
  • Receive blessings to fulfil your right desires
  • Get the clarity to redesign your future

Questions can be related to Life purpose, about a relationship, about the direction you should take in life, about business, about Inner Awakening®, about connection to Swamiji, about enlightenment etc;

Many are reporting feeling so light after the session with the Balasanths.  The ambiance created leaves a deep completion space for all participating.

To find out more on Akashic Records, please watch this clip..


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